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Angular and Blended: Type 3/2 Hairstyle Tips to Support Your Yin-Yang Combo

Hair feeling too edgy? How to know when you've gone too far (with picture examples!)

Does your hair feel off? “I’ve got a Type 3 hairstyle, but it doesn’t feel like me.”

This video starts off my new series on how to bring in your yin-yang combo to create the best hairstyle of your life! You are rocking it with your clothing style, time to bring it into your hairstyle too!

Go to your Yin Yang Cheat Sheet to review the quality of movement for your combo. Now, pick a few Style Keywords, to guide your hairstyle choices; two from your primary, one from your secondary. (1:31) My Type 3 Expert, Sarah shares hers to get you started.

Now to the quick tips:

  • (3:38) How to know if you have too much Yang vs. too much Yin. (See examples from Sarah’s hairstyle evolution)
  • (6:24) See pictures of Type 3/2 hairstyles (all from the Type 3 Hair Gallery).
  • (7:56) How to know when you are out of harmony with your hairstyle, with questions to ask yourself.
  • (8:51) Knowing these three components of a great hairstyle will get you to “I got this” in no time!
  • (9:12) Important! Missing this step could be what keeps you from loving your hair!

Learn these life-changing tips so that you can cut to the chase and avoid some of the “learning”, so that you can get to your best hairstyle faster!

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