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The Best Tips to Take Your Outfits from Warm to Cool Weather

How to make great fall outfits by carrying over your favorite summer pieces!

Fall is here again, and you are so ready for cozy sweaters and steamy cups of cider. But, is your wardrobe ready for the weather change too?

Join me and my Dressing Your Truth Experts as we show you how to easily transition your wardrobe to create your best fall style yet! (It’s simpler than you think)

Before we get into our fall outfits, let’s talk about how building a well-rounded summer wardrobe makes it even easier to move into the fall weather. See what we are keeping and what we are saying goodbye to.

Let’s dive in and answer these questions: What is easy or difficult for your Type as you move into cooler weather? What priority element will help you stay true to your style without getting lost in all the layers? And what are the fall weather must-haves for your Type?

-Type 1-

  • (3:27) Jaleah shows you that there are lots to play with when you know what tints and fabrications to look for
  • (8:46) Keep it fun and easy with this one-and-done piece, and the item that is worth investing in.

-Type 2-

  • (5:00) Anne guides you through the layers so that you can feel warm and cozy, without feeling dreary and drapey.
  • (9:56) How to make sure this element doesn’t take over, and how to layer with ease.

-Type 3-

  • (6:05) Rich colors and textured layers! So much to love! But, are there more color options than you may think
  • (11:19) How to do texture-mixing, and why every Type 3 needs one (or five) of these!

-Type 4-

  • (6:54) Kalista gives you guidelines to keep your outfits vibrant with color, and your lines clean and sophisticated.
  • (12:43) Use this element to keep your looks polished without getting bulky, and what classic pieces will give you the most return on your investment.

What summer item will you carry over into your fabulous fall style?

Checkout StyleInspire for cozy fall styles perfect for your Type.

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