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Polished and Light: Type 4/1 Hairstyle Tips to Support Your Yin-Yang Combo

Are you spending too much time on your hair? Your clue that something is off.

“I like my hairstyle, but I’m spending way too much time in front of the mirror. This shouldn’t be so hard.”

Having a clean, sleek, well-placed hairstyle should be a simple and easy process. If it takes more than 15 mins to style it’s taking too long. This is an indicator that you are stuck in the perfecting-process, and there is a better hairstyle for you that is more in harmony with your Type 4/1 Yin-Yang combo.

Before we get started, go to your Yin Yang Cheat Sheet to review the quality of movement for your combo. Now, pick a few Style Keywords, to guide your hairstyle choices; some from your primary, one or two from your secondary. (00:50) My Type 4 Expert, Kalista shares hers to get you going.

Striking the right balance in your Yin Yang ratio:

  • (2:18) Why you should do the Hair Clearing even if you think you like your current style.
  • (2:58) How to know if you have too much Yang vs. too much Yin. (See examples from Kalista’s hairstyle evolution)
  • (6:00) See pictures of Type 4/1 hairstyles (all from the Type 4 Hair Gallery).
  • (7:25) How to know when you are out of harmony with your hairstyle, and what indicators to watch for.

When you have the right cut, color, style, and products you can create an easy-to-perfect hairstyle correct for you! How close are you to your Style Keywords? What changes are you ready to make?

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