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Strike a Balance – Type 4 Lifestyle Tips Based On Your Yin-Yang Combo

How to use your reflecting, perfecting gifts and live true to yourself

We’ve been talking a lot about your Yin-Yang combo and how it influences your stunning style. It’s been great to see all of you expressing your true natures even more boldly.

But now let’s take a look at how your Yin-Yang combo influences your behavior and daily life. Not all Type 4 women act or think the same! Knowing more about your Yin Yang Definition will support you in honoring your unique qualities.

Type 4/1


You are like a structured cookie with a fun, cream-filled center.

Your ability to innately structure your life allows you to schedule in your need for fun and play. Once you get your fun and play bucket filled, you’re ready to go back to your structured world.

Keep it structured enough so you don’t lose sight of who you really are. Too much randomness and social time will throw you off-kilter and make you ornery. Too much play will make you nervous.

You need both, but not in equal amounts. Think of yourself as the master of structure with a touch of play at just the right times.

Be mindful and always lead with your Type 4 energy, so as not to throw people off by being overly friendly and social, only to pull back and withdraw when you need your downtime. It’s confusing to others and they may take it personally.

Type 4/2


Your inner world is a constant process of thoughts and feelings.

You are keenly aware of all that is happening around you. You can sense the imbalances of other people’s life experiences and also the imbalances in the cultures at large.

This gift of being highly attuned to the outer world as a more silent observer sets you up to give correction when the correction is invited.

Your challenge is knowing when that is. Make sure to learn the skills of quieting the mind. Meditation would be a useful practice to allow you a break from the constant streaming of thoughts that are a part of your inner-world process.

As you’re a very private person, chose your close relationships wisely. The time and energy you have to invest in relationships is such a valuable commodity to you that you don’t want to share time and effort with everyone. When you invest it into the people you’re not interested in having a close relationship with, the ones you do will not get the best of you.

It’s okay to not be a “people person.” Be a great person to the few people you enjoy being with.

Type 4/3


Watch out world! You’re a powerhouse of thinking things through and seeing them through.

Once you’ve made your mind up, you will find a way. You are well-calculated in all the actions you move forward on. You think things through, to a fault at times, which can freeze up your forward motion.

Knowing how much you need to think-out before you take action is necessary to support your great ability to move forward toward perfected outcomes.

It would be important to ask yourself, “Should I perfect this while I am doing it? Or, would it be better to perfect this after it’s done?”

Your bold and dynamic triple yang energy can be overwhelming to others at times when you “tell it like it is” with great determination. Your character could come across as uncaring. You are a caring person—let others see how much you care by being mindful of how you share what you truly care about.

Now that you know more about your yin-yang combination, how will you live true to yourself?

As you were reading through the descriptions, did something stand out to you? I’d love to hear about it.

Leave a comment below and inspire other Type 4 women how you are making changes to create the life you want!

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